Digital Networking of SMEs – innovERZ.hub

The new online-platform innovERZ.hub is online! The recomine-alliance is a proud partner of the innovERZ-initiative in the local Erzgebirge-district and congratulates our colleagues to the platform launch. The platform provides an interdisciplinary exchange of innovative SMEs of the region and provides a powerful tool in initiating the structural transformation of the Erzgebirge-district. The platform provides an online-marketplace, which is based on results from two broad surveys that interviewed the local economy’s needs. Companies have the chance to find potential project-partner in developing innovative products, services, technologies and business models.

Let’s start – the first offers are already online. You are searching for a distinct topic? Feel free to get in touch with our innovations managers at recomine or visit The platform is supported by recomine-partner “Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH”, and we are more than happy to bring you in touch with our great local partners!

Your recomine-coordination team

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